Before Your Wedding

As we mention on the home page of our website, from the moment we meet you for the first time, we're gathering important information about you as a couple that will help us create your personal and unique wedding film. Getting to know you both along with your personalities, likes, dislikes, etc. ensures that your wedding video truly represents who you are. We simply can't imagine arriving at a wedding, and starting our wedding videography without ever having having met and getting to know you. We feel so strongly about this as wedding videographers that it's our firm policy to only book with wedding couples that we meet with first.

Once you book us, we like to meet with you again a month or two before your wedding date to talk about some specifics of your wedding day and our videography. We talk about how your special day will unfold in general, and any special happenings that we should know about like exchanging gifts or cards, a first look, special events at the reception, etc.

Finally, one to two weeks before your wedding day, we appreciate receiving your wedding day itinerary. As your wedding videographers, it's important that we know where we need to be when, so we can ensure that we capture all the important parts of your wedding day!