Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains questions about our wedding videography services we hope you find helpful. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please contact us.

What do we need to do to book you as our wedding videographer and secure our date?
We need two things to secure your booking for your wedding date: a booking deposit of 25% and our signed agreement. Once these steps are completed, we’re all yours!

What kinds of payment do you accept for our booking deposit?
We accept personal checks, money orders or Interac Email Money Transfers sent to

What local areas do you cover?
We collaborate with wedding couple in Toronto, the Greater Toronto area (GTA) and Muskoka.

Do you travel to do destination weddings?
Absolutely! While we provide wedding videography services to couples primarily in Toronto, the GTA, and cottage country, we would love to travel to your chosen destination to produce your breathtaking wedding film! Contact us for all the details.

Will we have to do a lot of posing for our wedding video?
Nope! We prefer capturing the events of your day as they unfold naturally. In fact, many couples choose us for their wedding videography because our wedding films look natural and people don’t look posed. As your wedding videographer, we also practice the ninja-like skill of being invisible throughout your day while still filming everything! After a few minutes onsite, you’ll forget we’re there.

Do you offer Same Day Edits?
We made a decision not to offer Same Day Edits and here’s why: our main goal as wedding videographers is to capture the very best of your day, all day long. From experience we can tell you that introducing the pressures and deadlines associated with completing a Same Day Edit by 7 or 8pm is very distracting to our team and counterproductive to capturing high quality wedding videography.

Do you get along with Photographers?
Always! We know that your photographers are just as keen to get beautiful photos, as we are to capture breathtaking wedding videography, of you and your day. We’ll work professionally and politely with your photographer to ensure they get amazing shots, and we get gorgeous wedding videography, to provide you with incredible wedding day memories that will last a life time.

How much should I budget for wedding videography?
It’s our firm conviction that your wedding videographer and photographer are perhaps the most important wedding vendors you’ll hire. Your wedding will only happen once and your wedding video and photos will help you remember the countless details of your day and many special moments. We suggest you spend at least the same amount for your wedding videographer that you would for your photographer. Your wedding video and photographs are equally important.

We love the wedding video samples on your website but can we view a full length Feature Wedding Film?
Absolutely! The video samples on our website are our 4-5 minute Wedding Highlights films. While they provide you with a good idea of the kind of work we do, we would love to show you one of our full-length Feature Wedding Films so you can see what we can do with more time!